Brinks Home Security Overcharged Me / Hidden Fees

Brinks Home Security Overcharged Me / Hidden Fees

What Brinks Home Security did:
Background: I have been a customer of Brinks subsidiary, Monitronics, for the past 14 years; I was only under contract for equipment the first 3 years, past 11 years I am off contract.
I sold my house in June 2021,
on July 31 2021 I called Brinks Customer Support and informed them I am canceling my service, they informed me they couldn’t cancel I would have to go through the “Cancelation Dept”, after waiting oh hold and being shuttled around,
Brinks phone support said they would put a cancelation note, but I could only cancel by responding to an email which they could not send but would come in “72 hours”.
Friday August 13th I had not received this “cancelation email” so I called Brinks to confirm my account had been closed, they said I had not responded to the email sent to my Gmail account, I have zero record of Brinks sending any cancelation email, I checked my Google email and recovery and there was no record of them sending this email,
After back and forth I informed Brinks tech support that this email was immaterial, I was recording this call, and they are being notified that the account is closed and any attempt to bill or collect will be referred to legal counsel for fraudulent billing.
I have a record of informing them.
The phone tech suggested removing my debit card from my file to prevent charges, but they had no power to cancel service without this email worflow contrivance, that Brinks management has clearly devised to extort customers.
Phone tech service handled the transaction professionally, within the parameters they were permitted to follow.
I have identified a pattern of fraud perpetuated by Brinks management where customer support can take cancelation calls, but the techs claim they have no way to contact the dept that handles the cancelation, and no way to verify the dept does anything they say.

I asked tech support for the cancelation dept email, and was told by to email ******@*****.*** with “Cancellation” in the header.

On August 17th 2021 I emailed the above. As described, from my Gmail on file with Brinks, I listed my account# and told them this email is written notice to cancel service as they were instructed on July 30th 2021.

I notified Brinks in the email that both calls instructing to cancel were recorded, and any further billing meets the legal definition of Billing Fraud, as well as Fraudulent Misrepresentation, and will be referred to legal counsel.

The past month I have been getting multiple calls per day, every day during business hours, from Brinks collection #***-***-**** I have requested to be put on their do not call list and that has clearly been ignored.

Brinks continues to fraudulently bill me for a canceled service, including adding a “paper statement” charge for their fraudulent bills & paper statements service I had not authorized since I had been paperless autopay until the fraudulent billing began. Further, they have been knowingly harass me during working hours after being told to put me on do not call list, to fraudulently collect a fraudulent they have have been given sufficient documentation to understand that the charges are unauthorized and their continued billing constitutes fraud.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Letter of clearing all outstanding fraudulent billing, and outstanding balance with Brinks and all future claims is $0

I will also seek compensation at my professional hourly rate for the time it took me from work, and earning money, on the phone with them working to get Brinks to cancel service and cease and desist their billing fraud.
In addition, reimburse my legal counsel at $200/hr or their billing rate whichever is greater, for all representation.
The $ amount I will seek will be a punitive amount, I will seek a summary punitive judgement to be paid to a legal fund, all calls and emails will be posted to a YouTube social medial platform, where #BrinksHomeSecuritycriminals and others will be hashytagged, and I will share to my 4952 followers on Facebook and Instagram.

If Brinks chooses not to reimburse me for my time handling their fraud, I will maximize Brinks loss of marketshare through a targeted social media campaign, and will flood their arbitration process by informing current and former customers of the process through social media, I have the followers and resources to start a social media campaign

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