ACS INCORPORATION Collections Issues

ACS INCORPORATION Collections Issues

I never took a loan from this place Georgia don’t allow payday lender

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Here Plaintiff

ACS(Legal Department)

{{ address hidden }}, San Bernardino

CA 92405


We are hereby informing you that my client ACS is going to file a legal case against you at District Court. Your total outstanding with late charges, interest charges and attorney charges has been reached to $990.67 which is more than enough to file a lawsuit. As advised by my client, I hereby giving you a notice before filing this case.

Unfortunately, by ignoring these warnings you are damaging the excellent credit record you had previously maintained with company. In addition, you are incurring additional expenses to yourself and to us.

Be notified that documents are being prepared for the issue of summons regarding the above debt.

JUDGEMENT in this matter may lead to:

(a) Additional legal Costs being Charged.

(b) Entry on the COURT JUDGEMENT REGISTER making it difficult

to obtain future Credit

FAILURE to make payment after judgement of Court lead to:

(a) Seizure of assets by a Court

(b) Attendance in Court for an Oral Examination regarding assets, liabilities,

Income and outgoings

(c) A Garnishee order attached to your bank accounts.

(d) Bankruptcy or liquidation

You will receive a legal notice at your address within next 7 business days if this case remain unresolved. It is essential that you immediately settle this account by sending money for full amount. The consequence of ignoring this notice could be very serious.

To settle this case contact directly David ***** and reply back to the same email.


David *****

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