Charter Spectrum Bad Customer Support

Charter Spectrum Bad Customer Support

What Charter Spectrum did:
I recently moved from NC to SC. In the new apartment complex where I moved to in SC Spectrum Internet wasn’t offered as the facility is wired for Comporium only. I was forced to cancel my Spectrum internet services. Due to the fact I had a mobile plan from Spectrum I received a notice via email that my data speed would no longer be prioritized and my fee per line would increase by 20 per month. I was willing to justify the increase but due to the nature of my work, having a phone that kept continually freezing and locking up while paying more for it than I previously did was no longer sensible. So after speaking with Spectrum about this I decided to pay off the remaining balance due on both phones in order to receive the pins in order to unlock the phones. Spectrum advised me that only then could I port my phones and numbers to whatever carrier I wish once the phones were unlocked. So as the rest goes the porting took place on Monday Sept 20th 2021. It is now Sunday Sept 26th 2021 and I presently have two phones that Verizon could never activate due to the fact never once in any recorded conversation or email did Spectrum ever advise me, that once you cancel their internet services you will no longer be able to make any changes to the account whether it be porting a number, upgrading or downgrading wireless services or simply adjusting anything to the account. And the only reason I know this is cause after visiting the Spectrum store 3 times in the past week a Spectrum sales representative who felt terrible about how badly I was dealt with by Spectrum customer service decided to admit how poor communication and customer service is with customers who have problems and need help. But this a matter of business ethics. Spectrum knowingly knew I paid off the phones with the intention to port the numbers to a new carrier based on my issues with their service and they didn’t say a thing other than take my money and send me off full well knowing the phones would be useless the second the left Spectrum. This is fraud and they should be compensating me for these phones that are now worthless. But it gets better. I gave them the benefit of the doubt. Based on the fact they basically stole my phone numbers too cause Verizon cant activate them, I decided I would reactivate my phone lines with Spectrum and low and behold they won’t let me due to the fact I cannot obtain internet services with them. So its a catch 22. Even better they must have some sort of guilt because after my story with customer service after all this they elected without me asking for them to, to credit my account for the final bill. I advised the representative I have no problem to pay my final bill but I do have a problem with Spectrum improperly porting my numbers, making me pay for cell phones I can no longer use with any other carrier and phone numbers of 20 years that were taken away from me through no fault of my own. I only want whats fair and Spectrum does not have the right to do this to customers with no oversight of their business practices….simply unfair and unjust….

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Compensate me for the phones I outright purchased that are no longer compatible with the Carrier I ported my number to in addition to the nearly 35 hours I have spent on the phone between Verizon Tier 3 tech support and Spectrum customer service.

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