Current bank Hurt My Credit

Current bank Hurt My Credit

What Current bank did:
Ok so my account was hacked and I lost my money several times. I don’t believe they did an actual investigation instead they just marked it all that there was no fault. So I asked for a written report which h they refused to give me. And after catching there works in multiple lies and getting emails saying I won certain things I was denied most of the money. So I asked them to give me copies of the transcripts so I can have them for my files. Just the conversations is it but they told me no. And when they finally got done with the last dispute it took 93 days. And I’ve had a few dispute with them. Everytime until now the whole thing done in 3 mins. All because

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I would like paid for all my distress. And I want all my disputes from when I made account to now looked at agian. And I want paid for all the late payments I h&had to make. Because they want to drag it out.. I also know I have rights banking with them and most if not all where neglected or didn’t matter they chose the easy way out leaving said conshndtb

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