Robinhood Bad Customer Support

Robinhood Bad Customer Support

What Robinhood did:
I switched phones recently because my previous phone broke. So I just had to roll everything over into my new phone which was fine. I tried to log into my Robinhood account and I was successful, however I had my Two authentication factor in place. So it needs to verify me by sending a text code to my phone number. That way I can enter the code, the code never was received and I tried numerous times to get it. I reached out to Robinhood early in the morning around 4am to help me get access before the market opens.

They just sent me that automated email which ask for a drivers license to verify my ID. I told them that I didnt want to send it it because I dont feel comfortable, however they could simply just call me at my number and verify mr that way. Then they would deactivate the two way authentication to allow me to log in and I’ll just have to reapply it. This has happened a few weeks ago when I updated my phone number and it’s the same issue again.

I sent out numerous emails to them and haven’t received a response for hours and as I predicted I’m taking losses in the market today and I cant even reduce the damage done or close my accounts because they have yet to give me access. Money is being loss because of their faulty system that doesn’t work. I dont even know if they voluntarily close me out because of the situation because I cant see anything but I’m know I’m losing because of the stocks I’m in are down alot today. Robinhood has yet to reply about helping me reduce losses or expediting a way to help me. It’s just one automated email saying the same thing to the next. I tried calling them but the number doesnt work as well. Its beyond frustration that they cant correct this issues and now money is involved and cant even minimize my losses.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Refund my account for the losses taking place on Sept 29th.

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Florida | Read more Robinhood complaints

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