Revolut Bad Customer Support

Revolut Bad Customer Support

What Revolut did:
me and my boyfriend Justin refer people to their app to get the bonus. It’s a $40 bonus if you refer a new person to the app, they order a card, and they deposit $20, and spend it on their revolut card. So it’s happened twice I didn’t get paid. This last time I paid the $20 for my friend so that I could get the $40 the bonus and so could he well neither of us guys. I messaged them in the app the first person told me I used the wrong link. The second told me I no longer am eligible for the bonus the Third told me I use the wrong link. Then I asked for a manager the manager said I used the wrong link and they cannot manually credit anything the bonuses triggered automatically. Now for me to use the wrong links I would have to be in somebody else’s account. I used my link I went back and checked the invitation link sent and it states the rules and what we get directly in the message. I screenshot that and send it to them now they won’t answer me. So I told them I’m filing a claim. I just want the money I’m owed from them I did everything I was supposed to do so did my friend. They owe me $40 for that and $40 for the other one. And they owe both of my friends 40 as well. I’m really upset because it takes a long time to do those bonuses it took off probably three or four hours and not just that but I spent my own money on it and I didn’t even get my bonus and I was really low on money. It really hurt me to even spend that twenty now I don’t get to 40. And this isn’t the first time it’s the second. I don’t want much I just want the money I’m owed and if I could possibly get it for my friends that would be great too. I put a lot of time into referring people into these apps a lot of times a lot of friends a lot of people I don’t ask for anything except what I’m supposed to get. So I mowed 40 technically 80 from the last time and my friends are out 80 I would love to be able to give them the $40 thei owed

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

I would like the money I am owed. The bonus money. Which is $40 and I would like it for both times which equals 80 and I would like to be able to give it to my friends which is $40 each and there was two of them which is 80 and we had to deposit $20 to do it and that was two different times so that’s 40 total I deposited it and spent the 20 and never got the bonus so like if possible which equals 200 total

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