Atlantic Car Care Product Wasn’t What I Was Promised

Atlantic Car Care Product Wasn’t What I Was Promised

What Atlantic Car Care did:
I took my van to this repair shop to simply get my break pads changed. The owner told me he wouldn’t even touch my car before calling me first. After a few hours pass, my fiance calls them, and the guy says it’s done,come get it…. okay…. so I send my fiance to go pay and get it. He got there and paid, and told the guy thank you for being a stand up company. Then he goes out to start my car and the shifter is completely out. The shifter is under a lot of stuff in my engine so how this happened during a simple break pad change is beyond me. The owner of the company didn’t even tell my fiance about it. They were just going to let him drive off like that. When he goes back inside to tell the guy, he said oh yea something snapped, but I don’t have the part anyways and I just had back surgery so I’m going home. It was 1pm,and online it says they’re open until 6pm. He said he also tried to fix it, but it was too hot. My non mechanic dad was able to fix it in 10 minutes so I could take it to real mechanic shop and have it fixed. All the guy kept saying when I called was that he could quote me on a price for a new shifter. I told him I just paid over $200 to have my car not even drivable when I returned? I feel like I should be getting a refund or something…. and I said I was going to come talk to them with my dad about it and he said GOOD F****** LUCK!! And he hung up on me. It just felt really sketchy to me. He told me he wasn’t going to touch my car before calling me first, and then he didn’t even tell us about it. They just wanted us to hand them our money and once that happened, they didn’t care at all what could have happened to us. It was sick. I’m not sure if this is even case worthy, but I figured it was worth it to check.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Refund. I don’t even believe that they did my breaks because they were still slipping. They broke my vehicle, and I had to go pay another shop money that I didn’t have to fix the problem.

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