Brinks Home Security Bad Customer Support

Brinks Home Security Bad Customer Support

What Brinks Home Security did:
Brinks unlawfully took withdrew money out of my account and I when I called, they stated they were refunding my money. It’s a month later and I haven’t received my money. I have called repeatedly about my $293.15 and each time I’m given a different story. Well as of yesterday I was told the money was refunded to my account on 10/7/21 but I have not received the money nor has the bank and I was told by brinks that’s it’s showing on there end that they sent it to the bank and it’s my job to see where it went. This company is nothing but a joke, how is it my job to see where my money went if I never got it and the bank doesn’t have it. That clearly means, it was never sent. They are very unprofessional. I didn’t have to ask the bank for them to steal my money so why do I have to see where it went.

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A refund

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