Bank of America Bad Customer Support

Bank of America Bad Customer Support

What Bank of America did:
I used Bank of America bill pay to pay for furniture. The money was taken out of my account, but the payment was not made. On July 14, 2021 I was issued a temporary credit for $6291.14, then the money was put on a credit card account that has been closed for years. I have no way to use the money. Now they’ve created a statement for the closed account and showing the charge as a fraud check ********…. and deducted it from my account??? I met with a Michelle ***** at {{ address hidden }}, Palm Coast, ‘FL and she was clearly unable to put the blame on the bank where it belongs. So, I’m out $6291.14 and now have a bad report on my credit rating for Bank of America accounts that I don’t owe a dime to.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Give me the $6291.14 back, remove all their bogus charges on accounts that were closed years ago and stop trying to make it “not their fault.”

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