DoorDash Bad Customer Support

DoorDash Bad Customer Support

What DoorDash did:
I was sent a text referral from my brother to work with Door Dash and recieve $600 after completing 290 trips in 60 days. I used the link and signed up on August 2nd 2021. I completed the trips despite falling ill in the time frame on September 29th 2021. I also had to call customer support several times during September because the app was not adding my trips correctly so I would confirm with them and Say ” I want to make sure I am getting the numbers right because I need to get my bonus trips in time”. Well I confirmed on the 29th I had 299 trips done and the bonus will take 5 days. I waited and was told Monday that was 5 business days. Called on Thursday and was told I didn’t qualify, because they deactivated my brother account and was sent a referral bonus statement about both drivers being being active. I told them that the first I am seeing this information, and asked why and when they deactivated the account. They said September but nothing further. I asked for a arbitration hearing, and they instead escalated. I had to wait 24hrs for a decision decision. I gave them 3 days and no one contacted me so I called again and again was given the Same excuse and another escalated case. I did get a blanket response faulting me and another copy of referral document. I asked again about arbitration I was told to call the number in contract after restating the whole issue again. I left a message because the recording is not clear if they represent Doordash or not and have not heard anything from the company. So I followed the instructions from jams and chatted with Doordash to get the correct contact info for a arbitration hearing. I was again directed to email escalations.

I have been looking into this situation because I feel Scammed and found that Doordash has been doing this to alot of drivers over a year now.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Pay me what I earned, and stop offering/ linking the referrals bonus to the referees merit

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