Bank of America Hurt My Credit

Bank of America Hurt My Credit

What Bank of America did:
Closed my account with out letting me know , every job opportunity I got they got me fired and i lost time and money , I lost bosses and jobs due to the ignorance and negligence of there employee’s ! I went to cash a check and they told me they didn’t cash checks that I had to open an account with them , so i did and then when I deposited the checks they claimed them to be fake and charged me a fee , then closed my account in July with out my telking me anything and everytime I went to deposit a check there ATM was closed ( which is weird cux I told the teller before I tryed to cash the check , the same teller that who told me to open and account and deposit the checks in the atm , I couldn’t come up and deposit tye checks in the open hours of the bank due to no ride , and I wanst walking due to it being cold and far plus me having fractured knees due to domestic violence in my past so I had to waite on my ride who couldnt cone get me in till 6 pm after he gets off work , and the teller said its ok I can deposit the checks at the atm ..and the atm I went to was after I tild teh teller always closed for maintance at that time after telling him the exact time I would be up there to deposit the checks , little weird or done on perpouse maybe cuz the lady act as if she didnt wanna cash my check or deal with me in the beginning) in July i called to ask why the atm was closed cuz I was gonna deposit a new check i got in the mail and the lady told me they closed my account didnt send any paper work telling me why they closed it just the fact there was no activity in the acount for 5 months but every time I tryed to deposit my checks the atm or bank was closed ..which is weird cuz if it bothered them about no activity in my acount then why they let it stay open for 5 months with out closing it down , also in the month of july I opend an Amazon acount to start selling and like a fool i thought every thing was ok but cone to find out they closed my account so i have no clue how many sales I lost duing that i have no clue what there problem is but I needed them jobs and money , I can barley walk due to broken bones and the job I had gotten wich is none of there business any way what kind of job I have or where my money comes from as long as its legal , they shouldnt have done all that extra bull $£*% and make me lose my jobs and bosses ! They sent me a paper stateing i can file a 21 substitute check against them and told me to call for a refund , when I called they all played dumb and made me waite on the phone as if they have no clue about the papers they sent me ! Im tired of waisteing my time and them playing games like they are not professional ignoring my calls and emails and the conpanies i worked for that they rejected the checks are lagit company’s so I dont knoe why they denied my checks and cost me 6 jobs and 6 months of income plus they products I was selling on amazon ..please help me out if you can , pain and suffering , loss of wages , humiliation , loss of work , there un professionlaizm is rediculas ! Some need to get fired of quit.

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Pay for the months they cost me money and jobs from march to august

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