Samsung Locked My Account

Samsung Locked My Account

What Samsung did:
I placed an order off of the Samsung shop app on September 17th, 2021. I placed an order for a Samsung Galaxybook 13.3 inch Pro via their trade-in program which also included a free pair of Samsung Galaxy Pro earbuds as a special limited time offer. After calculating the estimated value of what Samsung would give me for trading in my device, after tax the laptop I ordered cost $242.09. The original estimated delivery date was September 23rd, 2021. On Sep 23rd I had yet to receive any email or text message regarding my order being shipped out or even fulfilled. So I talked to a Samsung rep via their online chat and the rep assured me my order was in process and the new delivery date (September 26th) would be in fact the day I received the laptop. This rep even went as far as to promise me and say that he was sure I’d get it by that day. This routine went on, and has continued to go every single time I call or chat with someone from Samsung. I’ve spoken to supervisors, phone agents, chat agents, emailed numerous Samsung representatives, and I’ve even gone as far as to write the President of Samsung U.S. division in New Jersey. I get different answers from every single person ranging from “I’ll escalate this issue for you, to “rest assured you will get your order on the next delivery date you see online this I guarantee you” I’ve even had a rep tell me to order from Apple because they had a trade in program as well and Samsung couldn’t “uphold and fulfill orders they had charged people for” The delivery date changes every two days and every time I call or chat that’s exactly what ends up being the end of my conversation. I’m told ill receive an email with shipping information in 1-3 business days once the order is shipped out because it’s already in process and assigned to the fulfillment team. When I finally became fed up I attempted to demand a refund and now what I’m being told is that a refund can not be processed because my order is already in process and passed the point of being able to issue a refund and the only option I have is to refuse delivery once the item ships and arrives at my door. The item is currently still backordered as of 10/28/2021 and will continue to remain out of stock for the forseable future. I’m just trying to get a refund on the money I spent for this laptop because I paid money up front and Samsung accepted my money but failed to uphold their end. Id much rather prefer the laptop if they did offer that and could make it happen but if Id have to continue to wait Id just want my money back. I have saved every single piece of correspondence I’ve had with Samsung as well as reference numbers from them that would lead to my online chats with every rep Ive spoken to.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

I would like a full monetary refund as well as compensation either in the form of the original laptop or monetary compensation for the second laptop I was forced to purchase at full price because Samsung failed to fulfill my order in a timely manner which would be $800

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Arizona | Read more Samsung complaints

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