Victoria’s Secret Hurt My Credit

Victoria’s Secret Hurt My Credit

What Victoria’s Secret did:
I had 1 late payment in 2 years due to my serious heart issue. I found out when my cardiologist called me at work and said I must go home immediately. I was on bed rest until I had an emergency surgery. Other than that all of my payments were on time, and then I was no longer using it for a period of time, and they closed my account. On my credit report it’s looking at like a very large bad mark towards my credit, and I’ve been trying to get it removed because I’m trying to get a loan for a home. I have gotten nowhere with the company and I’m getting extremely frustrated.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

I would like the bad mark on my credit to be changed I’ve only ever had one late payment and it was due to a very serious health condition and then it looks like they closed my account for a negative reason.

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Pennsylvania | Read more Victoria’s Secret complaints

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