Brinks Home Security Won’t Let Me Cancel

Brinks Home Security Won’t Let Me Cancel

What Brinks Home Security did:
I have a security panel where the backup battery has swollen to the point that it broke the wall mount to there point where the panel barely hangs on to the wall by the top clips.
I called to cancel service one day as I was out of my 36 month contract. The rep asked how they could keep me as a customer. I explained to him that I need a new panel. They set up an appointment to which the 3rd party contractor never showed up or called because they didn’t have to panel.
My contract had to be renegotiated so a new rep I spoke with said he would send a out Brinks tech. That tech canceled due to a family emergency. Again I received no notification he would not be showing up.
I called 11/9/2021 to let them know I would like to cancel due to not getting a new panel.
The rep with the retention department informed me that I would not be able to cancel due to being in a 24 month contract. 1 stipulation to me agreeing to this contract was that I would receive a new panel at the cost of $199 billed to me.

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Reverse contract and cancel service

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