Charter Spectrum Lied About the Price

Charter Spectrum Lied About the Price

What Charter Spectrum did:
I signed up for spectrum essentials under the impression that the emergency broadband benefit would make it free. This was told to me by Joe in the Albany sales office. I later found out that the EBB would only cover the internet. What’s worse is that they sent me a package with an apple tv in it. I did not know what was in the box as I am from Iraq and do not speak English well (I have an interpreter and case manager helping me fill this out). I opened it without being made aware that I couldn’t return the device when opened. I also never agreed to be sent this device. When speaking with the representatives at the Spectrum office in Portland Maine, they said that this happens often. I know owe Spectrum $180 for a device I never consented to having added to my service.

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