Charter Spectrum Bad Customer Support

Charter Spectrum Bad Customer Support

What Charter Spectrum did:
Spectrum Account Number (Old): ********
Spectrum Account Number (New): ********
Met with 3 System Engineers and 1 Sales Person (Tim *****)
Agreed to combine existing services and provide a monthly cost of $300 – total.
CCTI installed requested infrastructure (Cabling/Cabinet/Power)
Signed a 3 yr. contract for Hosted Voice (VoIP).
Equipment Installed on 7/8/2019.
No contact after this, other than Tim ***** who left/fired/moved …
No software – No training – No reference to on-line resources.
Configuration and setup had to be discovered and implemented by WHM employees with assistance from Computer Care Technology.
Requested cancellation of Hosted Voice ******** after repeated requests for assistance without a response.
Told termination only possible by paying early termination fee of $9,399.87; under case #06344459.
Ability to call some local #s has never functioned properly.
Started with not being able to call employees home #s.
Phone # to police department has never connected successfully.
Emergency response is possible only through the use of our personal cell phones.
Most recent ticket opened on 10/14/2021 – ECT-80867165, remains open and unresolved.
Other than seeing a field tech appear to replace a modem, we have never had another Spectrum representative appear to resolve any open issues.

Equipment was installed and then

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Refund of the charges above $300/month for the duration of the current contract. $258.12 x 36 = $9,292.32

Refund 1/2 the cost of the monthly fees paid ($150/month) for the duration of the current contract – for a phone system that does not function as promised. – $5,400.00

Either, bring the existing service to fully capable or replace it with a functional solution at Spectrum’s expense; with WHM’s approval/acceptance – before release.

Request Apology/Acknowledgement:

For the impact on WHM’s business, we are requesting a letter of apology and full recognition of fault by Spectrum Enterprise Services in their failure to both provide the agreed upon service and their failure to provide an appropriate level of support for the agreed upon contract period.

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