Charter Spectrum Lied About the Price

Charter Spectrum Lied About the Price

What Charter Spectrum did:
They keep adding charges and will not let me leave this company. I have been fighting them to close out an account for I’ve at year. I have repeatedly told them to even send to credit bureau so I Dan dispute all of it. They won’t. All they do is call daily and threaten and add more and more to the bill instead of closing and send to collections. They fraudulently charged me for months of service and added a 400 installment fee that was not even supposed to have been in the original billing. It has never stopped from theirs. During COVID I put my account on hold. My business was shut down. They took it off and stayed billing me again. I had another service and they were still billing me. I called customer retention to try to leave and get a final bill and they said billing had to handle that. When I called billing they said customer retention had to submit a final bill. It had a been a hamster wheel and they will not send emails to support the words coming out of their mouth. When I have conversations and they tell me something I have asked them to please send an email verifying what they told me on the phone and they always say they can’t do that . They have been harassing me and taking up my time for too long. I am a business owner and at this point the have wasted hours and hours of my valuable time and raised my blood pressure on a daily basis. I need help getting rid of this company and their fraudulent charges. I also turned in equipment and eferytbibg was scanned and they said it was all there and i think it’s finally over. Nope. They call and say I am missing something else. I say come out and look but don’t charge me. We found several pieces of equipment up in the rafters of the ceiling hidden. Maybe there’s something somewhere I don’t know where you installed everything ?? They wouldn’t send anyone out to check for their own equipment. You can’t win . They lie!!! Can’t wait til this company is out of business for all they have done to thousands of customers. I have no doubt they will bankrupt For all of their fraud. I tell them I am glad their lines are recorded so that will help me in court !

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Refund , money for my time wasted , shut this business down

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