DoorDash Lied About the Price

DoorDash Lied About the Price

What DoorDash did:
Hello, it all started when I first started using dasher again. I had started working November 4th 2021, so every Sunday is when it gets directly deposited into my bank again. Keep in mind I’ve had doordash for many years and the same bank for even more years with the same account I had link to doordash when I first applied with them in 2019. It normally takes only 2-3 days for the money to get deposited into my account, so Wednesday I never received my money that I had worked for. So I call doordash and was on the phone for over an hour to find out my account was compromised and someone linked there banking information into my account. When I was on the phone with the lady she only told me my account was compromised and I had told her what next and what if my information was taken, keep in mind I file taxes with them so they have my social security number and all my personal information that most likely was taken but I’m not 100% sure but I had asked the lady and she implied it could or could’ve have been I’m not sure and all she could say was sorry and she will pass along this issue, okay so now I wait a few days for an update so I can a few days later because they told me 24-48 hours to have an update. So I can 72 hours later just to find out my case was closed and I asked why wasn’t I informed and the lady had told me I received an email but I did it and she said multiple times I did even though I had said no I haven’t, she was very rude and ended up putting me on hold for no reason just to get hung up on a few minutes later, also keep in mind I was on hold for almost an hour just to be hung up on. So I call back but get put through the VIP call center and I spoke to a different customer representative and I also asked about my case and she gave me the same answer as the lady before. After she told me she didn’t know what the solution was she also hung up on me when I asked to speak to a supervisor. So I call once again and this time someone finally transfers me to a supervisor. I was on hold for 10 minutes for her to reanswer the phone and say the supervisor was unavailable so I said how can a supervisor be unavailable to find out 4 days later they are always available but one sec we will get back to that. After she had told me there was not a supervisor available I said OK transfer me again I will stay on hold when she transferred me she hung up while I was in the route of being transferred. After calling three times I gave up for the day I didn’t know what to do I was frustrated so I relaxed for the rest of the day then to call the next following day with the same results. So if you days have passed a call back again trying to get a hold of a superviso***-***-****get through only to find out that I still haven’t received my money now it’s almost 2 weeks that I haven’t received the money that I had worked for that has disappeared into a different persons because my account was compromised and DoorDash still can’t give me a reason of how and why my account was compromised and what are they going to do about it almost 2 weeks have passed and I haven’t heard anything back. So then I do talk to the supervisor he informed me that I will receive my money in the next couple days so what happened is he put the money back into my account which was a DoorDash account which from there you can choose to whether direct deposit or wait for it to be deposited on its own On Monday which I asked if I could receive my money same day and he said no I would have to do fast pay what you also have to pay for which is also another reason why I am filing because I had a late fees because I didn’t have the money that was taken from me because they wouldn’t give me the money in time to pay my bills so now I have late payments on my on top of my bills and I received the money two weeks later from when I worked and I was supposed to receive it the following week and I had to wait a whole week just received my pay. After receiving an email from the supervisor saying that I will receive my money it will be in the Dasher app I emailed him back saying what are we going to do about my account being compromised his email back with saying next time don’t give out your password and username and don’t let anybody else change your bank information so he switched it back on me saying it was my fault for my account being compromised and they’re basically not gonna do anything for it so that’s why I’m here for your help please let me know what can be done you can reach me at 913-396-3558 thank you.

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Compensation for the time I can never get back. I’ve spent hours and hours on hold with this company just to get nothing to waste days and days to receive nothing and get told that it was my reason that my account was compromised and that I gave out my password and username to my account and gave my money away is what I was told by Cameron from the doordash escalating team.

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