Hr Block Hurt My Credit

Hr Block Hurt My Credit

What Hr Block did:
I filed my 2020 taxes with H& R Block online. I filed on February 13, 2021. Since then, I’ve been checking my bank account, for my return refund , after months and months and. Now coming up on a year, here in a few months and upon checking their website for my tax refund information , H & R Block , not only does their website say that my taxes are complete, but says the IRS had accepted them and my return would be coming within 21 days.
Well , fast forward to now,’s been.10 months !!!!! And I called the IRS, only to hear from them that they have no record of it whatsoever. It’s never been filed, much less accepted by them. Nothing processing. No return being processed.
I. Am absolutely livid. Now it’s too late to even file ” late”, such us by October 15. So I’m going to now incur late fees and whatnot when I do file again. I. Don’t know what I think H&R Block should be responsible for the fees , late fees and interest , along with the refund amount that I’ve been waiting for , since February . It’s all so unacceptable. Because of their mistake, it has messed up my eligibility status for the stimulus checks and the CTC payments I was supposed to receive over the last 4 months.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Pay me immediately for the refund I was supposed to have received by now , along with the late fees and charges I’m going to incur now because they never filed my taxes . Reimburse me for the price of my taxes, so I can go get them done somewhere else by a competent accountant.

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