ADT Claim for Compensation

ADT Claim for Compensation

What ADT did:
I am a single mother of 2 and also disabled My home was broken into and I called adt to have a security system installed . on October 28th of 2021 a man showed up at my home to install my system. He was from safe streets which is a 3rd party contractor of ADT i never knew at any time that i had been talking to anyone from this company adt sends them to install their product . he first thing after arriving mind you went directly to drill a hole through my wall for the keypad and then stayed at my home for over 7 hours pressuring me into sales that i could not afford and trying to use bait and switch tactics on me i repeatedly told him i only wanted what i had agreed upon which was included in the 59 dollar monthly monitoring package because my income is limited . he never proceeded to install anything else the whole time . i asked him over and over please just finish the install because my kids were coming home from school soon and my son has special needs and would be anxious if he was there he is sensitive and required a strict routine and would be frightened of him being in our home . he did not then he became very angry when i insisted he finish and quit trying to sell me more things . he was trying to get my social security and id and a credit card to run my name for financing more equipment to the tune of 3000 dollars worth . i said flat out I cant afford it please stop. He then along with his boss cursed me and said they wasted a whole day on me and pulled that keypad out of my wall leaving a hole in it and he left .my home was damaged and even after calling adt corporate multiple times and safe streets nobody is taking responsibility for the damage . and refuse to do so . I was told that i was aware the hole was part of the install however that install which was paid for already never happened because the man who came decided he wasn’t gonna do it because i refused to buy extra equipment . he should have just installed what i paid for like requested not stay at my home for 7 hours and never touching another piece of equipment and only pressuring me with sales pitches and bait and switch tactics. I am a disabled woman and a veteran . people do not deserve to be treated this way and adt I thought was reputable now I see they are jot and neither are its sub contractors they allow this sort of thing to happen . i cannot afford the repair to my wall and physically cannot do it myself. Cold air is coming in through the hole and also is a safety hazard for me and my kids and it deserves to ve made right . all i wanted was to get what i had paid for and feel safe in my home. I was not only victimized by the people who broke in but by adt and it’s affiliates .

If repairs refuse to be made to my home they owe me compensation for. The damage and also for stress that this has caused me and my family and to compensate us to be able to find simeone to get the repairs done I cant afford to do this on a disabled persons income. This has caused me anxiety I lose sleep worrying about the safety issues it poses my kids . there are wires in the wall and it could possibly cause a fire hazard .

Submitted by: Anonymous ADT customer in Prairie Du Rocher | Read more ADT complaints

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