Spectrum Mobile Bad Customer Support

Spectrum Mobile Bad Customer Support

What Spectrum Mobile did:
I bought an iPhone 8 and an iPhone X supposedly brand new from Spectrum when I switched from Verizon to spectrum mobile and went on a plan with them. This was in 2018 and before the year was out I iPhone was defective and it had to be switched out By Apple. But I originally bought the phone through spectrum. I recently found out from Apple that that phone that they originally sold me was a refurbished phone and not brand new and that’s why they are not unlocking my phone because they’re telling me it’s a generic and it doesn’t belong to them. I’ve been dealing with this for six weeks and they are not helping me to unlock my phone. They unlocked the old one that was defective but now they said they cannot unlock this one.I’ve been without a phone for six weeks and it’s been a very hard and stressful situation. They kept passing me back-and-forth like a ping-pong ball from Apple to Spectrum until finally a man named Josh with Apple discovered the fact that it was a refurbished phone to begin with and it was also listed under Spectrum not under Apple. So Apple can’t unlock it because it’s under Spectrum‘s control. And all Spectrum wanted was an email from Apple proving that I got it exchanged from Apple and I sent that to them but now they’re still not unlocking my phone!

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I want my phone unlocked and I want recompense for the time and money that I’ve spent trying to get this taken care of. I even drove to Idaho from Washington because there was no store here where I live.

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