Ally Collections Issues

Ally Collections Issues

What Ally did:
Throughout my loan I have been consistent with my payments-Until about three months ago which is when I started experience financial issues. I didn’t know what to do since I’ve never been in this position before, so I waited it out until I can make a small partial payment, before I contacted them. I did come up with $100, So I submitted my payment via an app and I had to input my new bank information since my last account was closed. I contacted them and I found out I could do a modification which is amazing! We came to an agreement and I was given to November 15, 2021 to submit my paperwork along with a payment of $276.90. So I got all of that done. I received a random text message stating that my modification did not go through so I contacted the company. The customer service person Didn’t really have any information and I asked if I could speak to a supervisor or manager so I can get this straightened out-They basically told me no and forwarded me to a collections person named Leo. Leo begin he stated some thing about me submitting a payment and I asked him what the amount was which he then replied by yelling at me and I asked him if I could speak to a supervisor or manager. Leo said I can call back and talk to someone else so I asked him he was refusing to allow me to speak to some sort of a supervisor or manager and he basically told me yes. So I called back and once again customer service person did not allow me to speak to a manager and I just speaking to another collections person. Apparently what it happened was for some reason when I submitted my $100 payment on 4 November instead of calling for my brand new account that I was inputting into the system it pulled from the account I originally had-previously. Which confused me. So in the end I submitted a $100 payment on November 4, 2021 contacted and spoke with a rep from Ally On November 5, 2021. For some reason they are claiming that since my hundred dollar payment came back nonsufficient funds it for some reason interfered with my modification process because it threw off the numbers so now they want to do a new modification agreement with me and it will not allow me to use the money I’ve already paid in there original modification and I can’t get a hold of anyone speak to about this.

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I want to go with the original modification I should not have to file a new one this whole process doesn’t make any sense to me and I’m sick and tired of trying to get through to them no one has contacted me obviously I can’t just go with a new company-So I don’t really have any other choice but to ask for that.

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