Charter Spectrum Lied About the Price

Charter Spectrum Lied About the Price

What Charter Spectrum did:
Spectrum is advertising/offering $29.99 for 2 plus lines for mobile service. Nothing on there advertisement does it say for new or ext customers, it just says for 2 plus lines. I have contacted customer service and also corporate and the expressed to me that it was not available for new customers only for new or if i wanted to add another line to my service. I explained to them that this is not what your advertisement says, its says for 2 plus lines. I have been with them for over a year now and i have 3 lines on amount account, along with tv and internet. They also explained to me that i was not the only one inquiring about this offer. Even though i am not in a contract with there company they could not offer me this deal. I feel like there advertisement is misleading to all customers who have been paying $39.99 and should be given the same far price for new customer as quote on quote not what they are adverting.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

I would like them to refund me the back months of when they started advertising for the price of $29.99 and change my account for the offer they are offering for new clients.

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