U-Haul Claim for Compensation

U-Haul Claim for Compensation

What U-Haul did:
Rented uhaul boxes from my rentals home 1 was going to storage 2 were to go to my new place.

The 1 to go to storage was not picked up until the 23. It almost was towed away due to old home being sold.

The 2 at New place was to be picked up the 19 of November it was not picked up and how had it towed Saturday. I told uhaul they had no latter than Friday to pick up but they never did. The fees to have it released as of today is $460 I’m on the phone with them everyday and they tell me nothing. Now they are saying I have to pay but still do not give me a pick up date from tow yard meaning that more charges will be added daily

Please help this is ridiculous.

I need them to get thier boxes out of tow yard and for them to pay the tow yard fee and pay your fee and maybe 200 to me for the heart ache this has been a nightmare

Submitted by: Anonymous U-Haul customer in Kissimmee | Read more U-Haul complaints

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