Bank of America Overcharged Me / Hidden Fees

Bank of America Overcharged Me / Hidden Fees

What Bank of America did:
Since 2017 I have tried to resolve countless issues of my money being taking from my savings and checking account. I have a Bank of America credit card I put 1000.00 on and it has been a continuous problem with purchases I didnt make along with the fees that arent at all what this card offers. I have been in several of the branches here in Las Vegas Nevada asking over and over for help with my accounts and at no time is any of this resolved. I have over charges that are a lot of money and Wired money from a house I sold thats wrong too. This has been non stop. I have cashier checks to two people different names and that is $20,000 each cashier check for $10,000 this is on my bank statement as if I took that amount out of my account. I have calked ai have went in I have sat with managers and nothing has been done. I now have a letter that my unemployment is going to be stopped in February of 2022.. I never collected unemployment yet there is a number of 4digets saying my prepaid card. I don’t have that. I found a name in my bank account of my sister ad brother in law I don’t speak to those people. I use to lock my debit card and that was a feature I thought was safe I couldn’t get it my card unlocked I was in the bank with the manager he couldn’t get it unlocked and when he finally did he told me keep my card unlocked. When I called about that issue I was told no bank manager would say that to a customer. He did say that I said and

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