Capital One Locked My Account

Capital One Locked My Account

What Capital One did:
I used to have two separate credit cards through Capital One, and for two years never missed a payment. Then, on the news there was a huge story about how somebody stole personal info and social security numbers of 90,000 Capital One customers in a data breach. Didn’t think much of it, until I got a letter in the mail a couple months later stating that my social security number and information was in fact one of the numbers stolen during data breach. All I got in return was a letter from Capital One apologizing for this and a free one-year subscription to TransUnion credit monitoring company. Shortly after, both my accounts were closed and I learned that I was overdrawn $1,200 on a card that only had a limit of 600. And my second card was overdrawn $1,000 and only had a credit line of about 400 to $500. When I contacted Capital One they concluded that it was no fault of theirs and that I owed them the sum of $2,500 Plus. To this day, those accounts are in collections and I never got the chance to fight it.

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And all I want in return is Capital One to take accountability for their actions, and pay off the two debts they have charged me with.

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