Cash App Bad Customer Support

Cash App Bad Customer Support

What Cash App did:
I forgot my password to my email address and therefore was unable to get a verification code to login to my cashapp. Both are fairly new accounts, so I did not have enough information to verify myself/email account thru microsoft. A friend sent me $60 on cashapp that I cannot access. I called cashapp and explained the situation, and they refused to help me. I understand that security measures are in place, so I offered to give all of my information to cashapp, and even knew the recent activity on my account, including the amount and cashtag the $60 payment was sent from. They still refused to allow me access, so I asked them to please just refund the $60 TO THE SENDER, since there is NO WAY to access my account and retrieve the funds, or refund the sender myself. They refused to do that as well. I asked cashapp what will happen to the funds if I cant get them and they wont refund them themselves, and they proceeded to tell me the money will just stay there indefinitely in an account that cant be accessed! I am OK with them not being able to allow me access to the funds, but it is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE that they wont even refund the sender who was NOT aware that I wouldnt be able to login to my cashapp account until after the funds were already sent.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

I would like for them to REFUND THE SENDER their money since I am unable to access it!

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Texas | Read more Cash App complaints

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