eBay Bad Customer Support

eBay Bad Customer Support

What eBay did:
I put a Jackie ***** Authentic Photograph card on eBay for sale and a guy bought it for $80.00. Well, the buyer said “Doesn’t seem authentic” to me meaning that he really doesn’t know the difference between a real one and reprint card. He asked eBay for a refund. I offered him half the money back and he could keep the card but he refused. eBay was to have him send back the card but I never received the card as of yet. I have been arguing this eBay and they closed the return case and won’t even listen to me when I tell them I have NOT received the item back. They refunded the guys money and closed the case. Now I’m out of the money I paid for the card and the money from selling it along with the card because eBay just will not listen.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Pay me for the money I am out of $240.00, the $165.00 I paid for the card and the $80 from selling the card. And since there is no getting the card back I want compensated for the card as well.

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Submitted by: Anonymous in West Virginia | Read more eBay complaints

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