Credit one Locked My Account

Credit one Locked My Account

What Credit one did:
My name is Dale ***** and I signed up for a credit one platinum Visa card with a line of credit of 300 doll. When I got it I hardly used it until someone fraudulent took 115 dollars off from the card. I called the number on the card right away and reported it and they told me to cut the card up and they would investigate and send me another card . Well no sooner than I go to a vending machine for a pop the card was refused. So I called credit one again and they wanted me to send them my license I’d with a photo and a billing statement like my rent. I was upset because I got approval for the card with the information I gave and Tuesday I mailed a copy of my id and bill and never heard anything back from them. I’m shouldn’t have to make a payment if I can’t use my card. Plus I had no connections with premier bank where the 95.00 and 20.00 dollars was used

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