Optimum Claim for Compensation

Optimum Claim for Compensation

What Optimum did:
I made it very clear to representatives Someone opened a account in my name at a different address.I have been trying to get the original bill for over a year so this could be reported to police.Also why would anyone pay a bill that they never saw ?As I was in the process of preparing for heart surgery Optimum transferred the amount from the fraudulent account to my current account with out warnings,after There supervisors refused to speak with me for over a year about the Account that doesn’t belong to me.I have paid Optimum my balance minus the amount from the fraudulent account and moved my business to Verizon.Optimum policies need to be reevaluated.I deserve compensation for pain and suffering.This issue still hasn’t been resolved.

I want to receive and review the bill from the fraudulent account that has been put in my Name I feel that is my right as an American citizen

Submitted by: Anonymous Optimum customer in Westbury | Read more Optimum complaints

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