Santander Consumer USA Bad Customer Support

Santander Consumer USA Bad Customer Support

What Santander Consumer USA did:
676 a month for six years 48000 for a 29000 loan . And still owed over 13 k at the end of six years ! It has ruined my perfect credit I can’t by nothing and. And get a contractor license to work! I have a repo because of them it has made my business and bills hard every step with no credit
I was robbed in this at 17 percent Interest wasn’t good enough they had to compound it until I could it and would not pay the 13k left that should have been.
A paid off truck and my credit score should be perfect I would have had a big down payment on big truck for my business but instead I had a repo I’ve been severally victimized here please help me 9045469007 I risked my life drilling or oil to buy that truck I witnessed people die while I was Driving and texted to save them please I need some relief they owe me a truck and suffering as well as repo off my records please


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Refund truck and suffering . Fix credit

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