Sofi Locked My Account

Sofi Locked My Account

What Sofi did:
Action: Sofi inexplicably closed my Sofi Money account so I called support to find out why

Response: Sorry sir we can’t help you or tell you why your money account has been closed, we’re sorry about that…

Action: I don’t know what I did but I’m an angry now and just want my money out. I’ll withdraw, and be done with it

Response: Withdrawal sits for weeks with repeated request for more documentation of proof of ownership of the account being withdrawn into, which I provided

Action: I call support again to figure out why my withdraw is taking so long.

Response: It looks like they haven’t taken a look at your documentation, but we’ll get them right on that

Action: More time passes, so I complain on Reddit

Response: Support contacts me and tells me to reach out to them directly

Action: I reach out and explain what’s going on
Response: Support forwards my email to Customer Relations, who quickly got back to me

Action: Customer relations seems super helpful, friendly and proactive and said they would get someone on the case immediately

Response: I receive an email from Sofi tell me my account is under “Investigation” and that it could take up to 60 days to resolve

Action: Angry and confused, I reach out again stating I had done nothing wrong, don’t understand why I’m under investigation and inquire about the reason. A few days pass and in spite of the investigation, I assume it will all turn out fine since I had done nothing wrong, so I log in to find my account balance is now at $0 (previously $48). Now REALLY angry and confused I reach out again to Customer Relations.

Response: Sofi Customer Relations tells me my account is closed, for some rule I violated (but refuses to tell me what rule I broke) and that I will no be able to open a new account in the future.

I absolutely did not break any rules. The only thing I did was get 3 referrals in one day (completely honestly, no self dealing, no cheating). This is a blatant response to me getting referrals and attempting to withdraw funds w/o actually spending anything at Sofi. They simply don’t feel the need to pay me for referring customers and not depositing funds of my own (as far as I can tell since they won’t tell me anything).

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

My the $50 that is owed to me

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Georgia | Read more Sofi complaints

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