U-Haul Claim for Compensation

U-Haul Claim for Compensation

What U-Haul did:
From the start we needed a truck rented to move some stuff from one house to another in joplin. We were told there was a van reserved for us. We get there and they said it wasnt avaiable so we had to get a box truck. They refused to explain how the reservation means its not actually reserved. So upon leaving we had to return the truck nearly immediately after because the vehicle had no dash cluster lights. The vehicle being already nasty and rough running made us decide to go ahead and bring it back. On the way back to explain the issue we were able to get the lights to illuminate partially however the {{ address hidden }} started smoking and catching fire from behind the switch and cluster. We shut them off and got back to uhual. They looked at them and said that if we dont turn them on were fine just wont have dash lights. This was at dark when we picked it up. We told them we didnt feel like it was safe without the lights working and wanted a different but despite there being several on the lot and keys in the available spot behind them they offered a truck that had bad a large tear in the tread of a steer tire. Not having any other choice being as it took all day to pick up the truck we had to accept the dashboard lights being out. We had to buy a light and tape it to the dash. Half way through moving our stuff we decided a load needed to go to our family in clinton mo. We went to the website and found that we were okay to use more miles if needed so we took the load. My mother who the uhual was bought for drove the truck with my wife riding along while we finished locally by car. Along the trip she was stopped and told that the vehicle.had no tail lights and a flickering headlight. The officer also told her that the dashlights not being properly working also made the truck not roadworthy and warned her to get the tail lights and dash working in order to continue her trip. My mother (linda) is disabled and can’t walk for more than a couple feet so she was left to wait while my dad came to try to help her. She called a number listed on the uhual site which told her because the vehicle ran and drove it would have to wait til the next morning. After 4 hours on the side of the road keeping the engine running for heat my dad got there and as uhual had said to do he inspected the lights and found if he left the lights as the pickup location rep said using the DRL to automatically turn the lights on the vehicle would have no dash or tail lights. To illuminate the tail lights the headlight switch had to be turned on manually. This gave lights to the guage needles but nothing else and would cause a fire to start within the dash. Not having any way to even find a different truck to rent at that time of night he found a spring that was shorting the lights and he pulled the dash lights fuse. Now the lights on the exterior worked minus the headlight flicker when hitting a bump. We were now worried since the vehicle clearly wasnt inspected between renters we stopped at the next truck top and looked the vehicle over well. We were afraid to do anything they would not want us to do so they couldnt say we caused a void in any warranty or something. But we checked the fluids and tires as well. The fluids were needing a little oil an break fluid was nearly dry. We had some brake fluid and oil of the same type so we added it in0. The tires were all lower than the sticker stated. Finally.after getting there and unloading we barely had the funds to afford the fuel to get home. While in clinton we spoke with the local uhual office who didnt have a truck available but advised us to take the truck back and demand our money because he couldnt believe they let the truck leave the lot without being able to pass an inspection. He warned us too that we needed to be cautious of them putting us to blame because the truck was originally purchased for a local trip and there was not a statement given showing what damage was on the.truck when we got it to compare to when its returned. We then took photos of the exterior. The dash lights and the user agreement and jambed seatbelt which they discovered when stopped. He also mentioned the errors of our contract being that when we picked up the truck they should have taken my id and hers because i was driving the truck. Her being on the contract meant they were to have her sign but they never collected any signatures and never asked to speak with linda. We were told the app was how we access our order and extend or return our truck after hours but the app wasnt showing an option to do anything regarding our rental because it didnt have anything in the vehicle info or authorized driver tabs. That wasnt updated til just before the vehicles return. We didnt know to save reciepts for anything. The whole experience had been so stressful for everyone especially my mother who was expecting a truck that was ready and safe. Instead we were put in the position of driving a truck that wasnt fit or safe for the road and put in danger by the truck catching fire inside the dash. Caused my mother to have worsened breathing having been in the smoke of the wires burning and her having copd. Had to pay way too much in gas not.just from the running poorly but idling for hours while she waited rescue, gas in the vehicle used to come help her while stranded, and insulted by uhuals store representatives. When we returned the truck we talked to someone on the.phone and gave the additional miles put on it and explained we where oh where we’re going to have to pay more because we took it further then planned but with the cost the extra gas we had to put in it and cost dealt with vehicles issues we didn’t have enough to replace the gas that was in it I got it. If we had not had any issues with the truck we would have been able to afford the total cost of the U-Haul including our mileage going to Clinton. When we figured up mileage with the lady on the phone we’re looking at around 450 all together in fees but when we went to drop it off the guy that was working when we picked it up have the other guy step away so he could do my check in. I explained to him the situation and events that happened after he saw the night before then he went out to look at the truck and said regardless the condition of the truck when I got it he wasn’t going to give I mean any refund for the money that I’d already had paid because the vehicle still drove us where we needed and because we didn’t put gas in it or clean it out however the vehicle had no trash or items left it was an empty truck the only thing we didn’t do clean it or vacuum because it was given to us and fairly dirty conditions to begin with. He stated that the vehicle had tail lights when we left and that because are total was over 700 $135 cleaning fee even if they refunded me the money I would still owe him personally for putting gas in.

to be cleared with U-Haul for future rentals and nothing credit report. Well I doubt possible I also felt that the employee could have received some kind of disciplinary action for his rude Behavior and refusal to help amend the situation from the start

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