wide open west Locked My Account

wide open west Locked My Account

What wide open west did:
WOW! is trying to charge me $175 stating they have no records of my payments. My bank statement shows I have never missed a payment. When talking to WOW, they said there was nothing they can do. I opened a dispute with my bank since they double charged me for the month and added an extra $175 on top of it. I opened a dispute with my bank providing all the payments I have made for the year. I won the dispute.

Today, WOW decided to disconnect my internet unless I pay them $210, including the $175 that I disputed and won since I never missed a payment. The first agent hung up on me. The second one literally told me she could do nothing but she would give me an email address to use to reach out to account services to investigate. I told her that I do not have internet access since they disconnected me so I need a phone number. She said they have no phone number to provide and I need to send an email. She said there are no records of my payments and said I needed to provide proof. I explained that I already did all of this and got my bank involved so why are they asking me to do it again? She eventually hung up on me after it got heated when she said I need to pay the money or not have internet.

WOW! is a scam. They consistently charge me more money every month and they have NO record of payments? Why is money being taken from my account each month? Where is it going? How can they just use my autopay to randomly charge me $175 that is unauthorized a week after they used autopay to take my normal monthly amount?

Beware of WOW. Make sure to regularly check your bank statements since they sneakily debit your account whenever they want for unauthorized amounts.

On top of this, the internet service drops non-stop and is never stable. I pay for the whole home wifi in a 1 bedroom apartment and the internet is terrible – how do people use this for their whole house?!

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I want the random $175 charge removed and to cancel services with WOW with no penalties

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Florida | Read more wide open west complaints

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