eBay Overcharged Me / Hidden Fees

eBay Overcharged Me / Hidden Fees

What eBay did:
Sometime towards the end of September, or possibly in October Ebay banned me from selling on their platform for life. The whole time thinking I was only waiting for 60 days for them to release my funds, but Ebay had other hidden agendas.
Here’s the quick version of what happened. Back in July or August I made a sale to a gentleman in Southern California for $3,000. After Ebay takes their cut I was supposed to receive $2400 or so. Now here’s the “issue” The guy in California says he never received the package, however, I provided a USPS document stating that the package was signed by someone at his address. So the package was indeed delivered even ‘signed for’ by an individual at his home address. So the buyer must be lying in an attempt to keep the items & also get his money back. The said items were (2) 1st Edition Base Set Pokemon Booster Packs. When I provided this USPS document stating it was indeed delivered & SIGNED FOR, that was pretty much open & shut case. I won & I would receive my money in no time! Right? Wrong!! The buyer pushes the issue & takes it up with his bank. Now instead of Ebay releasing the funds to me, they put a hold on it like twice! First it was like 20-30 days & i was told by many eBay employees that I would receive the funds once the days were up. I just had to wait basically and do nothing. Well when the days were up they did not release the money instead they made me wait even longer, an additional 30-60 days since the buyer took the issue up with his bank this time around. But this whole time during this waiting period I was told by many many Ebay employees that I would definitely receive the money and there was nothing to worry about, but they were lying. I have all the emails saved as proof that they strung me along lying to me telling me everything was fine, I would receive the money, that what they were doing was basically protocol & I had nothing to worry about. So all in all I did absolutely nothing wrong!! I sent my items out & received nothing! I was lied to by Ebay for like 60-90 total days time waiting to receive my funds which was over $2,000. When the day finally came in October for me to receive payment, instead Ebay restricted my seller account for life! I cannot ever sale anything on Ebay for the rest of my life. I never received my items back or my money. How in the world was this situation fair or even legal at that? I seek justice & to be treated fair. My account was in perfect standing at 100% when all this happened. I had nothing BUT good reviews. Even though I was still considered a new seller, I had at least 3 or 4 good seller reviews. & 0 bad ones. Please somebody help! I was mistreated unfairly, I was lied too by multiple Ebay employees, they robbed Me of my right to sell on EBay, they took away from me $3,000 worth of Pokemon Booster Packs, they took away my sale money $2,400. This is UN-AMERICAN! Cruel & unusual punishment!!! I demand justice in a land where justice is upheld! My name is Desirae *****. My Phone number is ***-***-**** or ***-***-****. Both are cell numbers that can be called & texted. Thank you.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

I want a handwritten apology from the head boss of Ebay. I would like my money from the sale $2400. Plus an additional $10,000. For loss of funds I could have made during this time I have been restricted. And I would like my Ebay account to be re-instated to be able to sell again.

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