HomeAway Claim for Compensation

HomeAway Claim for Compensation

What HomeAway did:
Hi FairShake, here is a summary of my situation as I presented it to VRBO, I am the “host” not the guest:
– payout is different, much less than what was promised to me via the Vrbo dashboard (10/21)
– payout was late and took many emails to Vrbo support and calls, and I was advised to “wait 14 days”
– also told that the transaction “never cleared” from the guest
– so I got screenshots from the guest to prove that this was false information by Vrbo, which I provided to VRBO on 10/23
– request to have Vrbo fees waived, I will continue to request this until all issues are resolved
– called Vrbo 13 times; over 18 emails (from Oct thru Nov 11th, 2021)
– told by that I didn’t purchase Damage protection, by Supervisor Stefanie — which is false
– I then sent proof of Damage protection to Vrbo Supervisor Stefanie (pls contact me for proof of purchase) 10/26
– Stefanie responded to capitulate but I was told “that’s a third party vendor” and she sent me a telephone to contact them 11/1
– nothing I have indicates that I purchased damage protection via separate service; this is suspicious
– nothing has been provided by Vrbo supervisor to support the claim that a third party damage protection plan provided, altho I have requested this several times via email (11/1 thru 11/5)
– presently unable to submit a claim for mattress and sectional couch damage by guest as well as fleas (!!!); total amount requested is over $3500.

– I am requesting a member of management review the request to have the Vrbo fees of $238 waived and paid to me.

– I was promised a call back and an email from the Resolutions Team – which did not happen, 11/2

– I have requested proof and information about the “third party vendor” by way of links on the Vrbo site, and / or any supporting information. Nothing provided by VRBO to support this misinformation
– Also, pls note that I tried to reach the Generali (third party insurance) via the number Stefanie provided and was directed to a website to file a claim online via their website…(screenshots available) but I have no policy number because I purchased protection from Vrbo NOT Generali.
– So I remain unable to file a damage claim for my couch and Casper Original mattress and flea infestation

I was trying to avoid resorting to taking legal action against Vrbo but I have not received any assistance or resolutions to the above matters and I am forced to pursue whatever legal avenues are available to me, including suing Vrbo for damages, evasive tactics and whatever else, as well as legal fees. This company has given me the proverbial run around, wasted hours of my time in attempts to communicate with them, provided me with misinformation at every step of the way and simply failed to respond to every attempt I have made to resolve the issues amicably. (Listing number 2435758)

Andrea R. *****

Submitted by: Anonymous HomeAway customer in Saint Petersburg | Read more HomeAway complaints

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