Us Bank Mortgage Hurt My Credit

Us Bank Mortgage Hurt My Credit

What Us Bank Mortgage did:
US Bank Mortgage does not file my loan payments with the credit bureaus. Therefore, I have not been able to get a correct credit score. When a loan company calls them, they do not have an accurate record of my payments because they do not know what I have paid and what they hold in suspense and if they are taking out more money for interest. They listed a attorney fee that was suppose to be put in the loan on my statements and made it look like I owed two payments. when the agent was asked they could not explain it. If asked if I owed more than one month or if I was in arrears, they said I did not owe over one month and was current.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

update my credit correctly. Be able to talk with other loan companies to explain there statement accurately and so every one including the consumer can understand. Reimburse me for my inability to refinance my house loan and for my previous attorney fees they cost me during my bankruptcy including the fees they cost me to go to court after their agent told me I did not have to pay my payment if I needed the money for other expenses. Then they took me to court for none payment for that month.

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