Charter Spectrum Bad Customer Support

Charter Spectrum Bad Customer Support

What Charter Spectrum did:
My name is Rene’e T. ***** residing at {{ address hidden }} Granville, New York 12832. I did in fact give permission to Spectrum/ Charter Communications tree removal Contractors to remove hundreds of beautiful trees off from my properties to allow cables to be installed to receive Spectrum Service. These properties specifically located at #***-***-****,and {{ address hidden }} Granville, NY 12832 are my REAL Properties in which I hold the DEEDS to.

Upon the contractors removing saidthese said gorgeous trees lining my driveway and all other properties I own, it was later determined Spectrum will NOT be providing service to our location due to footage to where the company must hook up to the nearest Spectrum Service pole specifically located on Rte 40 which is less than two-miles away from my home along with a Spectrum Service Pole which is located on {{ address hidden }} which is less than one-quarter (1/4) mile away from my REAL PROPERTIES locations.

My daughter resides 97 {{ address hidden }} (my property as well) in which October 2020 she received Spectrum Services after I gave permission for Spectrum to remove all trees to make servicability possible. Please NOTE* there is ninety-five percent (95%) more residential customers/homes on {{ address hidden }} opposed to {{ address hidden }}.

After removal of all my beautiful trees Spectrum then decides they will NOT provide service? The survey team must have known how far the cables needed to be ran BEFORE removal of all these gorgeous trees!!!

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

I WANT ANSWERS! I want SPECTRUM SERVICE! If NOT I want to be conpensated for each and every tree Spectrum / Charter on ALL Properties!

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