Charter Spectrum Lied About the Price

Charter Spectrum Lied About the Price

What Charter Spectrum did:
An advertisement was mailed to me (an existing Spectrum customer for Internet and Cable) with a deal for Unlimited Data for 29.99/month/line when switching to Spectrum Mobile. In the fine print of the offer its states that existing customers are eligible for this deal. We went to Spectrum last night after purchasing a phone to add to the plan, and the customer service representative told us that both phones would be 29.99/month/ line under my son’s previously existing account, but there would be a charge of 45.99 on my son’s plan which he would have to call Spectrum and have them change it to the 29.99 plan. My son called later that night and Spectrum told him they could not offer him the plan, and that the customer service representative that helped us in store was misinformed. To note: my son was not notified that a line was being added to his account, nor was he notified that his card on file would be charged for the addition of said line. Fast forward to the next day (today) I go to cancel the line as the outcome was not as intended. One of the managers who helped with setting up the line yesterday was also in the store and helped us. I pointed out all of the innacuracies between the mailed advert and what actually took place, and showed him the fine print. He called into customer service to try to rectify the situation (29.99 on both lines), and the phone representative on the call guided the supervisor to a page that could only be seen by Spectrum employees which had the added stipulation that if the account in question was a pbg (pay by gb), it would be ineligible for the upgrade if the account was older than 1 month. This information is not available to customers. He cancelled the line (again without getting permission from the account holder).

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For them to honor the 29.99/month/line offer promised in store.

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