RobinU Won’t Let Me Cancel

RobinU Won’t Let Me Cancel

What RobinU did:
So I ordered Pokemon cards thought it was a good deal until I read the comments saying the product was fake and not authentic so with me reading that I sent robinu a message saying I would like a refund because the product they selling isn’t real . They message me back through Walmart because it’s sold on Walmart from a individual seller I’m guessing but someone from robinu said no refund because the product is not fake they don’t do that . So I just got the product and it’s 1000 percent fake no where close to authentic so I want my money back or I’m going to open up a case against robinU. If he would of put they weren’t real no one would buy those come on , scamming company I want my money

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A full refund

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Submitted by: Anonymous in New York | Read more RobinU complaints

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