Altice Mobile Claim for Compensation

Altice Mobile Claim for Compensation

What Altice Mobile did:
I spoke to Rushon in October – he agreed to give me my 400 mbps plan for $58/mo. A savings of $20/mo. Upon receiving my next 2 bills they charged me to having 1 gig service and my bill rose to $90/mo. I called CS 12/1/21 – was passed around between billing and retention just to be hung up on after 1 hour. I called back and got an agent in billing who was less then helpful – said she could restore the bill to 400 mbps but would not credit the account for the 2 months it was charged at 1 gig. She also said she could not find a supervisor but one would call back and refused to transfer me to retention when I did not like the fact that I was going to have to pay $69/mo when I was paying $79 and I was promised $58. Finally, I explained that my internet speed per there own speed test was only 37mbps she stated there was nothing she could do unless I could prove it stayed that way more than 24hrs. She also stated that regardless of what you pay for you will they only guarantee 1/2 that speed. Well I’m not getting 1/2 of any of the speeds I have been paying for!

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