AT&T Bad Customer Support

AT&T Bad Customer Support

What AT&T did:
Issued email account when we activated service 2008 (I think) after 3 different times I kept noticing price changes. We showed them the contract for the agreed-upon price. For one year we discovered an overcharge of over $1800. After showing them the bills along with the signed contract, they agreed and issued a credit. I then started watching their billing processes much closer. Approximately 2 months passed when another bill came in and it was about $147 higher than the contracted price at which time I called another company and set up installation, then called AT&T and cancelled all business operations. Now to another part of the ongoing saga. I first signed with AT&T in 2005 in Austin, Texas. We moved to New Braunfels and transferred our service!
I had been issued an email address ******@*****.*** which i had business cards, stationary and other essentials changed with this email address! I still receive calls asking if I am ignoring them (customers) or what. I called AT&T and asked them to erase,delete this email address and they went brain dead! About three years ago AT&T sent out a message indicating that this email address was going to have to be changed because internal issues, and I raised a complaint to which they came back with “continue to use this email, and gave me instructions as to how to access it. Then as time went on they made a corporate decision to eliminate use of these old emails. We had home phone, cell phones, TV and internet (Uverse) with them at the time. It was sometime after the overcharging and I did not feel I had to hire an accountant to monitor their charges we left them completely

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I just want them to keep the ******@*****.*** active without hassle! Give a customer support number where someone from America handles issues and can actually give help!!

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