Citibank Hurt My Credit

Citibank Hurt My Credit

What Citibank did:
I had fraud in my account back in April and my April social security check was in the bank and money was being dipped in and out of my account without my knowledge and when they close the account they kept my ******** which was my Social Security. Gave Me a Reason never sent me a letter saying that they kept my money they did send me to statements say that I had a remainder of ******** in the bank and they never gave it to me. They said I was supposed to have a letter stating the explanation I never got a letter and I never got my check and they said they would mail it to me and never did

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

All I want is my Social Security of ******** whatever else was in that account with could keep because I had nothing to do with this fraud and I even got a letter from IRS saying that they think that my identity was tampered and compromised and I have the letter that was sent to me just two months ago

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