Credit One Bank Hurt My Credit

Credit One Bank Hurt My Credit

What Credit One Bank did:
I had a credit card with credit one bank back in June 2021. My wallet and purse was stolen so I called the credit card people to let them know so they reported the card stolen now after that I was supposed to get my funds back on to a different account it took almost two months before I got a another card account there were unauthorized charges made and they tried to make me pay for that. But I had credit card protection so basically they sent out a another card and I had a authorize user who comes to find out that person stole my whole identity I filed a police report told the credit card people they didn’t do anything and started charging me with all kinds of charges then they cut off the account. So now they have open another account and charging me fees and one owes over 1500 dollars and I want them to fix this new account and give me a credit card

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

A refund and to fix my credit card so I can be able to use my card I have kids to raise

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