rms products Won’t Let Me Cancel

rms products Won’t Let Me Cancel

What rms products did:
My order was supposed to be delivered on thursday December 2nd but they marked it delivered November 30 with a time. I went and looked on my porch and didn’t see it. so I reached out to them asking why i didn’t receive it and they were telling me to check my mailbox and with my neighbors. They even said even though it says it delivered with a time it may arrive a few days later. I asked why would they say it’s delivered if it hasn’t delivered then. They repeated the same thing. I asked for a refund because i still do not have my package and they stopped responding. They sell through Amazon.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

A refund, an apology, even a free product of what i originally ordered. Anything

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Texas | Read more rms products complaints

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