Amazon Bad Customer Support

Amazon Bad Customer Support

What Amazon did:
I attempted to order a heater on Amazon. However, the description on Amazon was the heater I was ordering. However, Amazon placed the wrong picture on the product. The product shows a light bulb even though the description was the heater. I ordered anyway hoping it was a great price on the heater knowing if I ended up with the light bulb…I could return it. Instead, Amazon put my account on hold and I haven’t been able to get back into my account. I have about $30 in gift cards in my account that I can’t access. I called and was told I needed to verify my billing information, which I did. The hold was still there however so I called again was told told the same thing. I again verified my billing information. This process repeats every time I call Amazon. I can’t get any answers via phone, email, etc! I don’t know what else to do to rectify this situation so I can get into my account.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

I’d like the product I purchased. I’d like to access my account so I can use my gift cards. I’d like to know how to prevent this from happening in the future. I’d also like an apology because all I’ve done is try to utilize their website and buy the products they have listed as for sale.

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Submitted by: Anonymous in South Carolina | Read more Amazon complaints

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