Priceline Claim for Compensation

Priceline Claim for Compensation

What Priceline did:
Hello, I paid online for a $454.69 car rental through Priceline that included liability coverage for an additional fee. The rental was through Hertz. When I picked up my car rental I gave them my information and told them I had already paid online.

The agent then told me that she got me a nicer car and asked me what coverage I wanted for my car. She had a sticker on the counter with three types of coverage. I requested the basic coverage that I thought I had already signed up for through Priceline. It was not made clear to me that this was additional coverage. The impression I got was that she was trying to upsell me into a more expensive type of coverage and I told her that I only wanted the basic coverage, meaning the coverage I had already paid for.

She then asked me for my credit card for their $250 deposit. When I signed for the payment on the credit card terminal, the amount wasn’t shown on the screen. She simply turned it towards me and asked for my signature.

On the way to our hotel I noticed that they had charged me $750. I immediately called Priceline and they were unable to get through to the Hertz counter, but after speaking with three different agents, they reassured me that the charge would fall off in a few days and that some companies just place a hold for more than the deposit. I thought maybe they were waiting to receive payment from Priceline or something and would drop the additional amount once they did.

After my trip I noticed that the charge from Hertz was now for $505.43, in addition to the $454.69 I had paid Priceline. When I contacted Priceline, the checked with Hertz and told me I was charged for an upgraded damage waiver and a slew of additional fees that totaled $505.43. Of those fees, the only one I had agreed to pay was a fuel prepay of $79.09.

Now their customer service is saying that I agreed to a contract when I signed, even though it had not been shown to me that I would be paying all of these additional fees. I would have immediately put a stop to it at the counter if they had been transparent about what I was being charged. Instead, they verbally told me I was only being charged a refundable security deposit and forced me into an additional damage protection that I did not request. This practice is not ok. A consumer should know what they are being charged and what they are paying for. Now in hindsight, I know that she was being sneaky when she didn’t let me see the credit card terminal until it was time for my signature.

Submitted by: Anonymous Priceline customer in Imperial Beach | Read more Priceline complaints

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