Citibank Collections Issues

Citibank Collections Issues

What Citibank did:
We stopped using our Citi American Airlines Advantage card so I no longer downloaded it on Quicken. In August 2021 we got a $99 charge on our bank account. Contacted Citi to ask what this was and they could not find an account with this balance due or payment posted. So my bank a week or two refunded to our account.
I just received a collection letter for $200 showing interest on the $99. This was the first notice I received of past due. I would have dealt with it immediately if Citi sent me a notice back in September. So trying to get them to reverse this charge with no success.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Reverse charge since we no longer have card and would not receive any benefit from this “membership fee”

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