Credit Acceptance Corp Bad Customer Support

Credit Acceptance Corp Bad Customer Support

What Credit Acceptance Corp did:
I totaled my car my inc which I had full coverage would not pay for nothing because I was driving for uber eats so uber eats inc. With progressive picked it up they said there was a 2500 deductible they would take out of the cars worth and pay the rest then my gap should have covered anything left owed plus up to a 1000 deductible but only covered 390 some when I called to ask credit acceptance why they said the inc had not only tuck out the 2500 deductible but had also tuck out for serval damages that had been caused but the wreck and that is soposaly why gap did not cover what they was sopost to they left me owning 10000 some still and 6000 some being interest and when I told them I was gonna find a lawyer they have been ringing my phone my boyfriends phone and my co signers phone off the huck 3 to 5 times a day and sometimes more

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