Cox Claim for Compensation

Cox Claim for Compensation

What Cox did:
I have an out standing bill from cox for $664.02 cents, and after several attempts to ask them to show me how they came up with this # they cannot, and gave re fused to send me an itemized bill showing his they came up with thus #. Here are the facts I have on hand right now ,u became a cox customer 02/03/21 and was disconnected approx.11/21 ,in that time I had internet service only at a cost of $39.99 a month and paid in time every month. But let’s say I didn’t pay which I did and there records show I did because I’ve been over thus with them ,but even if I didn’t that’s 9 months of service and I can do this math in my head ,but I checked with calculator $39.99× 9 =$359.91. So if I never gave them any money at all this is what I would owe, now that being said clearly they know and I know that if I wasn’t paying I would have been disconnected long before my bill reached 8 months overdue. But more then that and they read this to me on a few if these many many calls I’ve made trying to resolve this that their was a point back around may or June dont have the dates in front if me because they refuse to send me complete transcript ,but I had a credit with them if over $150.00 but wait there’s more I became aware if a government program some time in April 2021, that would pay for internet service up to 50 a month which I applied for and was approved and they started to revive ,si where is that money going I would also like to know . I’ve tried I dont know how many times to let them explain and funny but when they can’t account for the bill any more suddenly we have a bad phone connection, strange .I dont want them to get away with it any more not only are the ripping me off but in sure countless others and the tax payers as well

Have all there billing practices gone over and pay back the customers and the tax PAYers, and pay for the added stress in my life they caused I dont know how to even value that

Submitted by: Anonymous Cox customer in Las Vegas | Read more Cox complaints

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